MASSIVE thank you today to Nike and everyone involved with NTC Supercharge, Leah Kim, One69A for doing an amazing job of printed 700 bags for the Nike Training Club event and to CJ Print for printing my little tags! 

Check out the Nike Training Club app for iPhone and Android and check out the Nike Training Club Facebook page to see where you can take part in free NTC Live classes all over the country!

My Nike Training Club SUPERCHARGED event bag design…

Being a Nike Training Club devotee (have you got the app yet?), I was thrilled when NTC asked if I would like to design a free bag for their SUPERCHARGED event taking place all this week! I’ll be heading to London myself on Thursday for Leah Kim’s yoga class and NTC Early Bird at Niketown on Friday morning!

Hope you like your FREE bag NTC ladies!!

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'How you got caught in the net' book cover design by Lisa Stannard…

My Friend Phil Harper has written his first book and I was so happy when he asked me to design his book cover…

This is a book about your fascination with the internet

…and what caused it

It’s a book about everyone who’s gone round and round in circles checking their twitter feed, refreshing reddit, logging onto Facebook, and hovering over their inbox.

Why do we do it? How much of our day are we wasting to it? Is it a problem for us? Are there ways we can stop it?

Everything from sex to the news is now available for our brains to consume instantly, but our brains didn’t evolve in a world where this was possible. Has technology shortwired our brains? Are we like helpless moths flying aimlessly towards the light?

This is a book which tries to understand what instant culture means for humanity, and how profoundly it will change our existence in the future.